FAQS - Frequently Asked Questions

What should I bring for a four-hour cruise?
What about the sun and sunscreen?
When do I pay?

Journey is very casual and most guests step aboard in shorts and soft-soled shoes. Going barefoot is encouraged. Bring your bathing suit and clothing that will provide ample sun protection. Overall, the weather is the best indicator for what to wear - most importantly - dress comfortably!

If you have a favorite CD, DVDs or an iPod bring it along.

And bring along your favorite alcoholic beverages and snacks. We supply the rest...water, mixers, ice, tableware, blender, glassware.

Also feel free to bring your snorkel gear, fishing pole (a fishing license is required) or ask about other items if you're not sure about bringing them.

What about the sun and sunscreen?

The sun in the tropics is certainly stronger than most other places in the United States. Be cautious with the sun and bring sunscreen lotion.   Also, highly recommended is a hat to provide facial shade - a visor works pretty well. Just make sure if you bring a hat it's not one with a wide brim that will blow off easily in windy conditions - one with a chin strap is ideal.  Weather in New England can be very changeable, so bring a rain jacket, fleece, or other gear for cooler conditions.

When do I pay?

No deposit is required when making your reservation for day trips, but the full fee is due upon boarding.   Overnight and extended or special trips require a 50% deposit at reservation.  Tips are welcome of course!



How many people can we take?

Journey with a licensed Captain is certified to take up to a maximum of six passengers. Maximum 4 passengers for overnight or extended cruises.

Do we have to have food and beverage service? 

We provide water, mixers, and other beverages at all times. We ask our guests to bring their own beer, wine, or alcoholic beverages as well as picnic lunches or snacks - ask your concierge for assistance or stop at any of several great delis in the area.   Occasionally we offer special lunchtime and sunset cruises which include beer, wine, and snacks. Guests provide own provisioning for extended cruises.


Can we pay by credit card?

All prices quoted by Atlantic High Charters are "cash discounted" prices. We gladly accept travelers checks and personal or corporate checks as well. For larger charters, payment could also be in the form of a wire transfer or PayPal.


What are the benefits and/or differences between a full day and half day charter?

In terms of service there is no difference. Whether you charter for a sunset cruise, 4 hours, 1 day or even a week, you will always receive the same outstanding service and unique product that only a premier cruising experience can provide. The only difference between a half day or full day charter is primarily the area in which you will cruise as well as the amount of time you'll have for certain activities such as swimming, snorkeling, lunch or dinner stops. The full experience of cruising, however, includes boating to a destination, anchoring in a secluded area, and enjoying the water.

Can we have dinner on board?

We would be pleased to schedule a stop, anchor for dinner in a beautiful area, and provide a chef on board for preparation of a special meal.   This will require extra fees for the chef and food/wine, and will require a minimum 4 hour charter.   This can be a very romantic event, especially at sunset.   Please call or email for details.

What happens if it rains?

In  Florida the occasional passing shower is commonplace and therefore Journey has a fully enclosed saloon and rain protection on the flybridge.   Rest assured that your charter will not be affected by weather.

Cruising in the Florida Keys

Journey is based in Miami in the winter. Day trips are available to nearby islands, or an extended cruise through the Florida Keys is also available (3 day minimum).

Can we fish?

Journey is an ideal fishing vessel with a large cockpit for fighting and boarding fish, and the speed to get to the fishing grounds quickly.


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